Music School Hamilton
Music School Hamilton
Tuition Fees

New Students

Registration Fee      
(New Students Only) Regular Rate   $15.00
  Family Rate*   $12.00
Introductory Package      
(New Students Only) Regular Rate 4 lessons x $15.00 $60.00
(Available September to June)      

Returning Students

Basic Package      
(Available September to June) Regular Rate 5 lessons x $19.00 $95.00
  Family Rate* 5 lessons x $18.50 $92.50
Basic Plus Package Regular Rate 10 lessons x $18.50 $185.00
(Available September to June) Family Rate* 10 lessons x $18.00 $180.00
AutoPay Packages      
(Available September to March)      
    - Preauthorized Monthly Withdrawals Regular Rate 4 lessons x $18.25 $73.00
    Withdrawals ( chequing account, credit card ) Family Rate* 4 lessons x $17.75 $71.00
Yearly Package **
(Package available in September only) Regular Rate 40 lessons x $17.50 $700.00
  Family Rate* 40 lessons x $17.00 $680.00

Pay As You Go

Single Lesson Rate ***   1 lesson $20.00

Summer Packages

(Packages Available from July August)      
    4 lessons   4 lessons x $18.00 $72.00
    8 lessons   8 lessons x $17.50 $140.00
    12 lessons   12 lessons x $17.25 $207.00
Special Program      
(Any number of lessons currently enrolled students only)   $17.00
Super Special Rate      
(Students who completed 40 lessons during the past school year)   $16.00
All prices reflect hour private music lessons. We accept cash, cheques, debit, and credit cards.
* Each child      
** When paying for the entire year, a full payment for the year must be made for the first child at the time of registration. A post-dated cheque for up to 60 days will be accepted for the second and each additional child.
*** Students can call to arrange a music lesson when a spot is available in our regular schedule.
Late payments will be subject to 2% per month charge on balance over 30 days.
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Music School Hamilton
Music School Hamilton